CAC Holiday Sale

CAC Holiday Sale

In early December 2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a week long CAC Holiday Sale fair at the Wallingford, PA Community Arts Center. This event gave us the chance to spruce up our craft fair display and meet some amazing local artists. The fair featured one-of-a-kind handcrafted objects in pottery, wood, and fiber. The Thursday evening preview party had the gallery packed from wall to wall with barely room to move. The rest of the week was wonderfully festive and holiday shoppers gathered gleefully to hear the special live music offered each evening of the week.

We received lots of encouraging comments from our shoppers. Our pens, letter openers, and wood greetings cards sold very well. I wanted to post one particularly encouraging note that was sent to me:

In the past decade, when greeting cards took a real dip and electronic communication took over so much of the sharing of personal sentiment, it became clear that handwriting and mailing and even things like “creating pens” were headed into oblivion. I was pretty sure true “writing” was on the edge of abandonment.

With your pens, I’m really hoping NOT! There’s too much artistry in your work to lose it. I would promote your unique contribution to the talent of writing if I were you. Maybe get someone (like my wife) with great cursive writing skills to support the use of your creations with some short samples of messages that corporate and typical senders alike would share. Just a thought.

After speaking with this gentlemen further, he revealed that he was a retired American Greetings writer. Overall, this was a wonderful event and we hope to attend again in 2016. We have been asked to display some of our items for sale in the arts center gift shop. Expect to see them there soon!

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