Handcrafted Wood Pens created from Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels

Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the highest selling American whiskey in the world. Each year, millions of barrels of whiskey are produced and sold. As part of the distilling process, the whiskey is aged in oak barrels.

The whiskey is aged in these barrels for 4 years. The used barrels are salvaged, the steel bands are removed, and the staves disassembled. Finally, the staves are cut into over-sized (7/8in. x 7/8in. x 5-1/4in. minimum) pen blanks.

My great grandfather, Stephen Ernest Whidden, was a carpenter. He ran a carpentry shop along with Mr. Decatur and Mr. Smith on the northeast corner of Broad Street and Lincoln Terrace in Peekskill, New York back in the 1920s. My grandfather, Ernest Richard Whidden, built airplanes for a living, but in his spare time he enjoyed carpentry.

Inspired by their legacy, I decided in 2014 to begin learning about woodworking. I purchased a lathe and began to make woodturned projects such as pens, keychains, winestoppers, and bowls.

One of the motivating factors at our woodshop has always been using reclaimed, salvaged, and sustainable wood sources. For the most part, I collect my own wood or purchase it from local salvage companies.

The wood being used to create the rewards for this campaign is from salvaged whiskey barrels once used by the Jack Daniel's Distillery.

You can find our Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Pens Here


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