About us

John’s great grandfather, Stephen Ernest Whidden, was a carpenter. He ran a carpentry shop along with Mr. Decatur and Mr. Smith on the northeast corner of Broad Street and Lincoln Terrace in Peekskill, New York back in the 1920s. John’s grandfather, Ernest Richard Whidden, built airplanes for a living, but in his spare time he enjoyed carpentry.

Inspired by their legacy, and a long-held belief that he’d one day take up wood turning, John began setting up a home woodshop and learning the skills necessary to create attractive and useful wood objects.  Merging classic with modern, John enjoys turning classy new pens using interesting reclaimed and sustainable materials.  Laser engraving has become a great add-on for personalizing pens, but John is finding many applications for this tool: postcards, coasters, and more.

Keep an eye on Whidden’s Woodshop.  Come back again and again for your old favorites, and watch for additions as inspirations for new projects come to life.