A small business needs capital and customers. In 2014, Whidden’s Woodshop started out as a hobby that turned into a small family business. With the need for additional capital to grow our business, we turned to crowdfunding. Our first Kickstarter campaign was extremely successful and allowed us to purchase equipment and supplies to keep things moving forward. It also allowed for global exposure and created permanent relationships with people who are passionate about what we create and also with several wholesale and retail buyers.

Whiskey Barrel Pens
Custom handmade wood turned pens made from salvaged whiskey barrels once used by the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

Our first crowdfunding campaign was selected to be a Kickstarter Staff Pick. This catapulted our project into the limelight instantly and backers joined with us to successfully fund the project. With over 400 backers from over 30 countries, we were able to successfully handcraft over 700 pens made from wood reclaimed from whiskey barrels that were once used by the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Not only did our backers provide the funding to successfully deliver the project rewards, we were able to purchase some large equipment for the woodshop including a chainsaw, drill press, and band-saw.

Exquisite Ink 1.0
Handcrafted wood pens for every signature, sketch, & scribble. Select your choice of sustainable exotic or reclaimed domestic woods.

Our second attempt at crowdfunding included several press releases and more great support from a community of Kickstarter backers that seems to love our handcrafted pens! This project included several different pens offered in 10 different exotic and domestic wood varieties. We ended up with over 170 backers and successfully delivered all project rewards in less than a month!

Drinkware Designs
Simple, Elegant, and Customizable Coasters Crafted from Verified Sustainable or Reclaimed Hardwood.

Completed in November of 2015, this crowdfunding project was our first foray into custom laser engraving. We had over 50 individuals back our campaign allowing us to deliver over 600 custom engraved coasters to 14 different countries. All of the wood in this project was verified sustainable or reclaimed hardwood. We were able to gain a good amount of experience on the laser engraver and also make some connections for future projects.

Exquisite Ink 2.0
Signature wood pens to capture any idea, record each thought, & author every story. Handcrafted one at a time.