Birdseye Maple Wood Fountain Pen with Chrome Fittings

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This beautiful wood turned fountain pen is made from Birdseye maple and crafted by hand at Whidden’s Woodshop.  The cutting, turning and sanding on the lathe is then followed by a high quality friction polish to enhance the color and keep them feeling and looking great for years.

A beautiful pen for calligraphy, or simply just writing.  These would be loved and appreciated as graduation gifts, retirement gifts, father’s day gifts, or gifts for the budding writer trying to complete their first novel.

Birdseye Maple used for this pen gives a deep and rich appearance.  Each knot shown in the maple is caused by the growth of the tree, however the new buds that do not develop further are then reabsorbed forming this design.  This is a truly beautiful effect and one that is a pleasure to use on a daily basis.