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Padauk Fountain Pen with Etched Chrome Fittings

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The Avon: An acclaimed, awesome, and artistic pen that comes with your choice of rollerball or fountain tip. Comes in your choice of wood. The brushed satin light-weight pen top and lustrous etched chrome will be sure to get glances while you are sketching in the park. The wood varieties pictured above from left to right are Zebrawood and Padauk. If you would like to order this pen in a different wood variety, request a custom order.

Each of our pens go through the process of cutting, turning, and sanding on the lathe, and are finished with a high quality friction polish that will keep them looking great for years.

Remember each pen is unique! Most of our pens are custom made and there may be variances in wood coloring and grain. Your particular pen may look slightly different than the one in the picture.

Pen Style: Rollerball or Fountain
Fountain Nib: Medium Iridium - Generic German Made
Metal Plating: Etched Chrome
Refills: Schmidt Rollerball / Waterman Cartridge
Weight without Cap: 1.1 Ounce
Weight with Cap: 1.6 Ounces
Total Length without Cap: 4.5 Inches
Total Length with Cap: 5.25 Inches
Gift Box Included: Cardboard Display Box


Custom Orders:
If you'd like to order a variation of this pen with different wood or fittings, please request a custom order from our store. We can also custom make almost any style of pen with almost any variation of wood/fittings that come up with!

Thanks for looking~!