Salvaged White Cedar with Etched Antique Brass Fittings

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White Cedar salvaged from the Ortlieb's Brewery in Northern Liberties, PA before its demolishing in 2007. This reclaimed lumber was once an integral part of the beer making operation; the brew barrel. The lumber was reclaimed by Manayunk Timber to save for making furniture and other pieces of art. Whidden's Woodshop has acquired a small amount of this malty wood and will be making a limited production run of pen and pencil sets available in April of this year.

The World's Only Lever Action Bullet Click Pen! Cock the Lever to both advance and retract the refill. The sides of the pen are adorned with an antique brass etched deer on one side and the entry slide for the bullet casing on the other! Antique Brass adorns the pen that is artfully etched with designs on both sides of the pen.

Each of our pens go through the process of cutting, turning, and sanding on the lathe, and are finished with a high quality friction polish that will keep them looking great for years.

Remember each pen is unique! Most of our pens are custom made and there may be variances in wood coloring and grain. Your particular pen may look slightly different than the one in the picture.